About Us

About Eonpart

Welcome to Eonpart – where your equipment finds its perfect match for reliability and savings. We focus on the touch screen, LCD, keypad, flex cable, scan engine, cover housing, battery and more, catering to renowned brands like Zebra, Psion, Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic and so on. 

In the world of maintenance, where every moment counts and every dollar matters, we understand what truly makes a difference. It's about having the right solutions at the right time.

Solving Your Challenges

Our mission is simple – we exist to make your job easier. Whether you're a seasoned technician or a new entrant into the field, we know that reliability is your top priority. We specialize in providing the solutions you need. It's not just about selling accessories; it's about understanding your challenges and being the answer to them.

What Makes Eonpart Different

  • Diverse Inventory: Imagine a place with thousands of accessories, all under one roof. That's what we offer – a comprehensive inventory where you can find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Sustainability Focus: We're not just about the new; we believe in giving a second life to quality devices. That's why we actively acquire second-hand equipment, contributing to a sustainable approach in our industry.

Our Purpose – Making Things Right, Saving You Money

Eonpart is more than a service; we're your partners in efficiency. Our purpose is clear – to make things right for you. It's about ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and saving you money along the way.

Why Choose Eonpart

  • Reliability: Our commitment is to provide reliable products and services because we understand the importance of your work.

  • Cost Savings: Beyond reliability, we aim to be your budget-friendly solution. It's not just about making things work; it's about making them work within your budget.

Thank you for choosing Eonpart. We're not just here to supply; we're here to support your journey in making equipment maintenance efficient and cost-effective. Let's make things right together.